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Update an Existing Class Mailing List for a New Term

Listserv Service Page Update a Class Mailing List for a New Term

Purpose: Use this form to add students to a new or existing class mailing list. Use of this form assumes that you have created your class list using the web form, "Create A Mailing List for a Class or Year", and that you have been notified via e-mail that the list is ready to use.

Instructions Class Mailing Lists can only be updated by the current List Owner of the list. Year Mailing Lists are NO LONGER able to be updated by this form. They must be updated manually from a different source. If you do not own the lists you want to update, obtain access by contacting the Course List Administrator in your department or the previous instructor who used the mailing lists. ITS does not have the authority to change List Owners on individually owned or departmental mailing lists.

This form will automatically UPDATE your Class Mailing List for the current Term. All previous subscribers, i.e., students from a previous term and any others added, will automatically be deleted. Please review the following usage guidelines for this form.

1. This program is resource intensive because it searches the entire student database. Therefor, use this form once per term to update your lists, preferably after the drop/add date. This will reduce the number of students that you have to add via the web interface.

2. Do not use this form to add or delete a few students to your list. Login to your class list and use the Listserv Web Interface to add or remove two or three students.

3. If you do not receive a response within a few hours of using this form, do not re-submit your updates. Please contact the IT Support Centre at 36666 or use the Web Submission Form to submit an error message. Be sure to provide the correct name of your class mailing list.

4. Update availability. Students may be added to your Class Mailing List seven (7) days prior to the scheduled first day of your class, not before.

5. Class Name Changes. Due to changes introduced with Peoplesoft, course names have changed, particularly the section codes. New Class Mailing Lists will need to be created which use the new naming format to be able to use this form. For example,

Old Class Mailing List: biol102-l
New Class Mailing List: biol-102-l (all sections)
New Class Mailing List: biol-102-001-l (only section 001)

You are reminded that students have the prerogative at registration to request that their name and e-mail address not be made public. Submission of this form means that you understand and will comply with the guidelines for the use of student names and e-mail addresses contained in Policy for Class Mailing Lists at Queen's University.

  1. Name and department of the person requesting that the list be updated. New staff and faculty members acting as List Owners are responsible for reading the Policy for Creating LISTSERV Mailing Lists.
    Requester's Name:
    Requester's Department:
    Requeser's E-mail Address:
    Requester's Phone:
    Requester's Status: (Staff/Faculty)

  2. What is your Listserv Password? Make sure you type your password correctly as it will not be displayed.

  3. Lists: Provide only the List Name, not the e-mail address, for each list to be updated and click on Submit Update. Can't remember? Click on What Lists Do I Own?

    Example: biol-102-001-l (New Format)


Please note that submission of this form will permit ITS to gather information about you that you should be aware of. Forms submitted will electronically gather network information about where this request came from. These records are kept and may be required during an investigation of a problem in the future.

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