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Create A Mailing List

Listserv Service Page Create a Mailing List

Purpose: Use this form to create a general discussion mailing list. Do not use this form to create Class Mailing Lists

Who can use this form to create a Mailing List?
1) A continuing Queen's staff member
2) Queen's faculty members

Note: Requests from students and requests from non-Queen's networks (Cogeco, Sympatico, etc.) cannot be processed. A valid Queen's University NetID is required.

Because mailing lists have the potential to seriously disrupt systems, both on and off-campus, your mailing list must be managed and monitored daily for problems. If you have not done so already, please take the time now to review the Procedure for Creating Mailing Lists at Queen's University as you will be expected to perform the List Owner duties outlined in order to keep your mailing list functioning.

Please create your mailing list by providing answers to the following questions. Pay particular attention to the spelling of e-mail addresses as any errors will be reflected in the created mailing list and may result in your inability to access your list.

  1. Primary List Owner Information: Name, Dept. and full e-mail address (full domain name) of the Primary List Owner (the person who will manage the list). All fields are required.

    List Owner/Manager's Name:
    List Owner/Manager's Department:
    List Owner/Manager's E-mail Address:
    List Owner/Manager's Phone:
    List Owner/Manager's Status: (Staff/Faculty)

  2. Secondary List Owner Information: Name and email address of the Alternate List Owner or Co-Owner. This will be the person who will assume responsibility for the list during the primary list owner's absence, or will be the contact if there is a problem with the list and the primary list owner cannot be reached. All fields are optional and can be left blank if there is no co-owner.

    Alternate List Owner/Manager's Name:
    Alternate List Owner/Manager's E-mail Address:
    Alternate List Owner/Manager's Status: (Staff/Faculty)

  3. The full name for the group, committee, or organization (e.g. Campus Facilities Advisory Committee). Depending on its length, a shortened version will become the List Title.

  4. Briefly describe the purpose or mission statement of the above named group, committee, or organization.

  5. ListName of your list. An up to 20 (shorter is preferred for convenience) character name for the list. This is what will be used as the ListName-L or USERID portion of the mailing list e-mail address that appears to the left of the @ symbol, such as "advise-l@". Listnames are restricted to the following: The letters a-z, numbers 0-9, and the use of a hyphen.

    Note: The "-L" convention is required on all mailing lists and is automatically appended. Please click on the "Help" button below for more information, recommendations, and restrictions in selecting mailing list names.

    List Name: (type in lower case)

    -L     Help     (Note the -L is automatically appended)

  6. Who can Subscribe to your list? (Select or accept the default).


  7. Who can Send a message to your list?.


  8. Is your list confidential? For non-confidential lists, please make sure the List Name and topic do not already exist.


  9. Do you require List Archives / Mailing List Home Page?


  10. Do you require that Attachments be allowed? (e.g., WORD documents or images)


Please note that submission of this form will permit ITS to gather information about you that you should be aware of. Forms submitted will electronically gather network information about where this request came from. These records are kept and may be used during an investigation of electronic abuse in the future.

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