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[Class List Requisition Form]

Create a Mailing List
      for a Class

Listserv Service Page Create a Mailing List for a Class

Purpose: Use this form to create a Class Mailing List for:
1) A specific course     2) A course section.

Who can use this form to create a Class Mailing List?
1) A continuing Queen's staff (e.g., Class Mailing List Coordinator)
2) A Queen's faculty member for courses they are teaching

Note: Requests from students and requests from non-Queen's networks (Cogeco, Sympatico, etc.) cannot be processed. A valid Queen's NetID is required for at least one List Owner.

Students have the prerogative at registration to request that their name and e-mail address not be made public. Submission of this form means that you understand and will comply with the guidelines for the use of student names and e-mail addresses contained in Policy for Class Lists at Queen's University.

Create A Mailing List for a Class

List Owner Information

  1. Name and department of the primary List Owner who will be taking care of the class mailing list. Provide the full e-mail address, including domain name. Do not use this form if the class mailing list already exists. Can't remember? Click on What Lists Do I Own?

    Requester's Name:
    Requester's Department:
    Requeser's E-mail Address: (Queen's NetID e-mail address)
    Requester's Phone:
    Requester's Status: (Staff/Faculty Only)

  2. Name and full e-mail address of an additional or second List Owner.
    Instructor/Staff Name:
    Instructor/Staff E-mail Address:
    Instructor/Staff Status: (Staff/Faculty only)

  3. Type of List Request (Select one by clicking on circle):
        A. Course List. ( For students in a specific course. )

  4. Term:         Example: Fall 2003

  5. Department Code or Course Subject Code. Provide the 4 character dept. code or course subject code (lower case). This code must be the same code as that recorded in the Registrar's database. Click on Help to see how this code relates to the name of your list.

    Code:         Help     Example: For Microbiology type: micr

  6. Catalogue Number. For a class list, provide the course number. Click on Help to see how this code relates to the name of your list.

    Number:         Help     Click on help for the name of your list

  7. Course Section. Provide the course section code associated with the course you are teaching. If you are not teaching a section, leave this box blank.

    Code:         Type the section code 001 for section 001 and so on.

Class Mailing List Setup Information

Choose from the following options or accept the defaults selected for you and Click on "Create My Class List" below. Click on the " ? Help " icon for an explanation of options.
  1. Do you require list archives on the web? (All class list archives are password protected.)

  2. Who can Send a message to your list?

  3. Do you require that Attachments be allowed? (e.g., WORD documents or images)
All Class Mailing Lists are set up so that only the Instructor (and other List Owners) can view who is on the list.


Please note that submission of this form will permit ITS to gather information about you that you should be aware of. Forms submitted will electronically gather network information about where this request came from. These records are kept and may be used during an investigation of electronic abuse in the future.
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